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Welcome to Killeen Concrete, a local concrete company renowned for the value it has provided to homeowners and businesses in our immediate city of Killeen, TX, and the surrounding areas such as Harker Heights, Fort Hood, Belton, and Copperas Cove.

Our local concrete construction company remains the preference of most of the homeowners and business owners living in the Killeen area because of the quality services we offer, including but not limited to patio, driveway, sidewalk repair, and much more.

You can rely on the professionals at Killeen Concrete to deliver the best when talking about the quality of the services. Whether you need our experts to achieve results for your backyard, pool, ranch, or business, you can count on a high level of skills in whatever job we manage.

We understand how important it is to enhance the beauty and value of your property. Therefore, we will offer you a choice of solutions to help you get the results you desire and finish the job according to the schedule.

We also offer free estimates to help our residential and commercial business owners know the price of concrete services or projects ahead of time.


Concrete is the most durable and effective building material. But concrete does not last for very long. In some way, all concrete surfaces will break down over time.


Whether you want to construct a concrete driveway to your existing driveway or new driveway, restoration of concrete patios, sidewalk, drainage solution, steps, and curbs, we can do that for you. And if you are searching for concrete services like concrete repair, concrete foundation, retaining walls, grading, exposed aggregates, ramps, decorative concrete, or concrete demolition, our expert team is ready to provide the right solution.

We are the trusted concrete contractor in the Killeen, TX area, doing an excellent job of adding beauty to a commercial, residential, or industrial property.

Our masonry and concrete contractors in Killeen, TX do not take the job lightly and go the extra mile to ensure that the work we do is durable and built to scale different weather conditions. Everything from removing wood, shrubs, and rocks in your driveway to the leveling and grading of the ground or flooring for a property project is done professionally and with utmost care. This ensures that the concrete we build for every home project provides a solid foundation and eliminates any worries associated with buckling under little pressure.

If you need a solid and secure foundation of driveway for your home or business in Killeen, TX, call us today for free estimates.


Adding aesthetic value to a property, home, or company necessitates the skills of a competent concrete contractor who can pour concrete into any shape needed for the project.

With five years of experience in the construction industry, we can help clients and businesses in other aspects of site development. We are committed to offering the best concrete solutions and services to homes and businesses in Killeen, TX and the surrounding area.

Some popular services for concrete include concrete foundation, concrete stamping, asphalt paving, polishing concrete, and resurfacing concrete driveways.

Our team of professionals can also assist in the maintenance of the area after completing the construction requirements. We guarantee that the project will come out the way you want it, with solid foundation and with great results. Our team surpassed the expectation of our clients with each residential or commercial project we undertake in Killeen TX.

The best part is that we achieve this without burning a hole in the pocket of our clients. Since we are less wasteful in using resources, the reduction in project cost is passed to our clients resulting in a saving on their part. Our price remains competitive in addition to the offer of quality services which are head and shoulders above that of the competition in Killeen, TX.

We are a member of the business community in Killeen TX and take great pride in the delivery of quality service in each concrete work and project that we undertake. In addition to the expertise of our professionals, the use of quality tools, supplies, and materials in our professional services ensures that we complete a residential or commercial project as scheduled without delay.

We are a concrete contractor company compliant with good industry practice, excellent BBB rating and our equipment is adequately maintained and serviced at the right time. We do not use faulty machines in any services such as building concrete foundation, concrete repair or constructing concrete driveways because we are an honest business, and reliable local concrete contractor company in Killeen TX.


Our American concrete contractors in Killeen TX ensure that the concrete we add is compacted and consolidated in order to eliminate the existence of air pockets to build a solid and long lasting foundation. We are open to adding decorative elements such as a dye, staining concrete, or any other detailed work to every concrete service that we offer to help bring out the beauty of a project.

Our top-rated local pros apply a high degree of professionalism to all steps of each job they undertake. They can handle any job, whether it’s a residential or business project, from the construction of driveways to paving parking lots and pathways. They are highly recommended contractors in Killeen TX.

Killeen Concrete is a locally owned and operated company offering construction services and concrete services with good standing and BBB rating in Killeen TX, dedicated to catering to the concrete needs of its clients for business or house projects at all times.

Killeen concrete contractors are one of the top concrete contractors in the Killeen area. Killeen Concrete company has been in business for over five years. We have received so many projects requiring different concrete services and verified reviews from clients who have done business with us in Killeen TX and surrounding high-traffic areas such as Harker Heights, Fort Hood, Belton, Liberty Hill, and Copperas Cove.

We work with the client and communicate everything to obtain the beauty and quality of every project to provide customer satisfaction. We offer concrete services at a fair price because we value honesty and integrity in every job, whether it’s a residential or business project. We deliver superior customer service and do not leave customers unhappy.

We always provide free estimates to help our residential and commercial business owners know the price of concrete services or projects. Most of the homeowners in the Killeen area prefer to work with our local concrete contractor company because of the high-quality services we provide in all services and projects, including but not limited to patio, concrete walkway, concrete driveway, and sidewalk repair, among many others.

Our concrete contractors in Killeen TX can help you with your concrete needs for your home or business like concrete repair, concrete sidewalk, patio installation, concrete driveways, concrete floors, vinyl flooring, laminate flooring or concrete steps.

The cost of the services might vary significantly depending on the amount of concrete work required to fix and resurface your concrete driveway, the project’s square footage, current concrete prices, and local labor rates.

You can rely on the professionals at Killeen Concrete to deliver the best when talking about the quality of the services your home or business need.

Call us today for free estimate or to speak with our local concrete contractors about your next project in Killeen area.

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