Advantages of Concrete Pools Over Other Types of Pools

concrete pool advantages

Swimming pools are an ideal feature to a home or any establishment. It adds value and beauty. A swimming pool is a desirable feature for a luxurious home. There are three categories of swimming pools. The concrete pools (also called gunite pools), the vinyl pools, and the fiberglass pools. Concrete pools are more popular than the other two designs.

The following are some of the advantages that make the concrete pools popular.

1. They Are Versatile

Concrete pools are more versatile than the other models of swimming pools. They accommodate creative designs and shapes. You can also add features such as tanning ledges.

Vinyl liner pools do not offer a wide range of shape and custom designs or features. The fiberglass pools come pre-designed from the factory. It is impossible to change their shape and size once they are built.
While the fiberglass pools offer different mold designs, it is expensive to choose a customized mold.

The depths of the vinyl and fiberglass pools are also limited. Whereas, a concrete pool can be built to any depth of your choice. Concrete pools suit both commercial and private establishments. You can choose a small or large design as per your intended use and preference.

Concrete pools are constructed onsite. This eliminates transport cost and risk, unlike the fiberglass pools that are pre-designed at the factory and transported by road to the site.

Onsite construction is also an advantage because it allows you to modify dimensions and designs easily.

2. Interior Decorations

Concrete pools can be decorated. They allow for many options of interior finishing styles that give them an additional aesthetic value compared to the other models.

A concrete pool can be painted into the desired color and this can be changed from time to time. You can also fix tiles and pebbles for a classy and appealing look.

The fiberglass pools or the vinyl pools do not allow for these aesthetic modifications. Once you have chosen a design it is bound to remain the same for its lifetime.
Due to the aesthetic appearance of a concrete pool, the pools add value to an establishment. Vinyl pools look cheap and less appealing, especially for a commercial property.

3. Durability

Concrete pools are durable. The building materials of concrete pools are strong as compared to glass and vinyl liners. A sharp object such as dog claws or sticks can puncture or tear into a vinyl liner pool, unlike the concrete pools that do not damage easily.

Vinyl liner pools’ metal panels also corrode and split over time. Whereas, concrete walls stay intact for ages. If proper maintenance is practiced on concrete pools, they will last for many generations. The repairs and maintenance are not also as costly as the other types of pools.

Concrete swimming pools are the best choice to build for any residence. They are flexible and are be built on-site with any type of features. Concrete pools can accommodate creative designs and shapes and they can be fitted with decorations. Concrete pools also add net-value to a property. With a concrete pool, you can have a pool of your dreams.