Cobblestone Facts and Why It Isn’t Best

Common problem homeowners face is selecting from the several materials available for the installation of pavements. No matter if you’re laying down a new driveway or replacing an existing one, these are the types of driveways you must select from; Concrete Driveway, Paver Driveway, Asphalt Driveway, and Gravel Driveway.

All these types have their share of pros and cons however, we’ll be focusing on two popular types; Concrete Driveway and Cobblestone Driveway.

Concrete Vs. Cobblestone

Both the materials are different in various aspects, based on your requirements you can make the final choice. Let’s discuss how these two materials are distinguishable and which one is a better option.

Want to make your driveway look well-defined? Then what you need is a concrete driveway. Cobblestone driveways look great and add to the aesthetic of your home but do not offer a lot of flexibility.  You can ask your local concrete contractors for more details.

For this reason, it is recommended to surface your driveway with poured concrete. As it is in the liquid form, it offers a lot of flexibility to customers and can be poured into a driveway regardless of its shape.

Yes, there is a usability gap until the concrete is completely dried which is not the case with a cobblestone driveway. But that is a small advantage for a cobblestone driveway in comparison to the versatility and performance of the concrete driveway.

Benefits of a Concrete Driveway

A concrete driveway has multiple benefits, some of them are briefly explained in this section.

Although expensive to lay than a cobblestone driveway, a concrete driveway assures stability. It means it will cost you a few bucks but at the same time, you will get something very durable. For longer driveways, it is highly recommended to use concrete as the material to cut unnecessary expenses later for maintenance.

A concrete path looks cleaner and offers more flexibility. The process and the result are completely mess-free making it a better alternative than using stones.

The maintenance of a concrete driveway is easy and hassle-free. Not only is the cost of paving your driveway with concrete lower but also the aftermath is not heavy on your pockets. With a cobblestone driveway come constant repairs.

It is easier to repair a cobblestone driveway, but the durability isn’t much which leads to constant damage. Therefore, concrete is the best alternative for a durable and low maintenance driveway.

Concrete Evidence

It is a popular choice for driveways and the most sensible one. A concrete driveway guarantees maximum usability and can carry immensely heavy loads without any damage. The initial costs are higher than other materials however, that is a small price to pay if you want a permanent solution for your driveway.


Cobblestone driveways, as great as they look, are not a smart choice as the stones are not very durable and often break with pressure. Driveways are meant to be able to carry hefty loads, after all, your car itself is so heavy. It is easier to replace a stone if there’s any damage, but how many times are you willing to do that?

Concrete, on the other hand, is extremely tough and great for driveways. Therefore concrete, which is a strong and versatile material, is the best decision for homeowners and their driveway needs.