Do DIY Sidewalk Crack Repair Kits Work?

If your a homeowner that has settling cracks in your concrete foundation wall, you’re not alone! Most homes, both new and old, will develop some foundation cracks eventually. You can choose from crack repair kits that use either an injectable polyurethane foam or an epoxy, depending on the type of cracks you have.

Polyurethane crack injection kits are recommended for non-structural leaking cracks resulting from concrete shrinkage or minor settlement while epoxy injection kits are designed to treat more severe cracks that compromise the structural integrity of the wall.

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Don’t Buy Cheaper Repair Kits!

Cheaper repair kits use single-component, hydrophilic foams that absorb water but eventually crumble after repeated drying.

Once the urethane has been injected into the damp crack, the proprietary, two-component polyurethane expands forcefully (2-3 minute reaction time) to fill the entire depth of the crack with hydrophobic foam that repels water and WILL NOT BREAK DOWN (as proven over many years).

Once the urethane has cured, the foundation crack will never leak water again because the crack has been sealed entirely (meaning water will never be able to enter the crack from the backside).

How It Works…

After injecting the low viscosity polyurethane foam resin, it expands on contact with water to expand and foam. Once this foaming is complete, the water will not be able to enter your basement. Our low pressure basement crack repair kits come with all materials required to complete your repair.

For typical leaking crack repairs… Polyurethane reacts with water to expand up to 20 times its original size. As the polyurethane expands within the crack, it fills the voids which previously had allowed water leakage. The expansion of polyurethane makes it the more user-friendly option. Coverage rate is an estimate projection based on typical repair conditions. Actual coverage may vary and is dependent on crack width, depth and the potential for enlarged voids further into the wall.