Patio Slab Repair How to Fix a Crack

You need to be on the lookout for any cracks on your patio slab. This is a precautionary measure of preventing any weakening of your patio. In addition, it helps keep your house’s aesthetic value intact. The cracks are normally caused by a wide variety of factors. For that reason, you have to be aware of those causes so that you can keep your patio slab in check. The cracks have a tendency of making your patio slab ugly. Try to get rid of those cracks as soon as possible.

Freezing water is capable of widening immensely the patio slab cracks. In fact, freezing water can create new patio slab cracks. As a result, the concrete will be damaged easily. Other causes of cracks on your patio slab, might result from lack of reinforcing wire or rebar. The deficiency of that important material during construction makes the patio slab prone to cracks. Ensure that a reinforcing wire is used whenever enacting a patio slab. This is an inexcusable practice that will be of much use to your concrete.

When you find out that your patio slab has some cracks what do you do? This is a question that many homeowners usually ask themselves. Unfortunately quite a number of homeowners just do not know what to do. In the event of cracks located on your patio slab, you have to seek immediate repair and maintenance to get rid of those cracks. This is an exercise that you should engage in with a lot of discretion. You need to find the right expert or firm to carry out the repair and maintenance of your patio slab. This means you will need a proper budget to take care of those repairs. You can also opt to seal those cracks by yourself. Lucky enough, there are a number of options you can rely on to remove those cracks. Below are some of them:


This is a cheap and user-friendly option of repairing patio slab cracks. It is ideal for those wider cracks since it is so hard to push concrete in a narrower crack. The cracks need to be modified into forming a V shape, then the concrete can be inserted in. However, concrete cannot prevent the movement of your patio slab if you have a weaker house foundation.

Sealers and Caulkers

Not only simple but also inexpensive. Many people can use this method to seal those cracks available in their patio slabs. Sealers and Caulkers are ideal for narrower cracks. Unfortunately, they are not that durable. For that reason, you will still be required to repair your patio slab further to make it stronger.

Polymer Resins

This is a high-end method of repairing patio slab cracks. It creates a permanent and strong chemical bond in the cracked patio slab. Nevertheless, you will have to spend a lot of cash in order to use polymer resins. But you will find the value for your money.


Cracked patio slabs are so ugly that you cannot withstand looking at them. They will prompt you to carry out the needed repairs as quickly as possible. You can rely on the discussed repair methods to get rid of those cracks.